Automatic Dispensers

DF Italia Automatic Dispensers solve all necessities of high-capacity, reliable and resistant dispensers!

Sandwiches, snacks, chips, fruit juices, desserts, as well as water, ice teas and drinks, bread, chocolate, energy and cereal bars, and so on and so forth! Our automatic dispensers are completely Made in Italy! We can distribute each shape and dimension package, squared boxes, vacuum, jars and glass bottles!

Finally, your customers can buy their snacks 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

Technical features:

  • Elevator to protect fragile products and packages
  • Sensors to register the sale
  • Refrigerating system with high-density insulation to increase the energy-savings
  • Constant desired temperature, depending on the products, to preserve their quality
  • Large internal capacity
  • Great versatility for various shapes and dimensions packages
  • Double technology to distribute the products, in the same dispenser, to adapt to the various sizes and shapes
  • Solid and resistant structure
  • Simple to load and manage, with front door and pull-out trays
  • Sturdy anti-vandal door
  • Refrigerating area separated from the cash withdrawal compartment
  • Possible to have a double lock in case of different staff to collect cash and load products
  • Remote control
  • Interactive telemetry with free APP
  • Simple and intuitive for the final user
  • Mobile payment by smartphone

Some examples:

DF Italia

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